Reveille D'Giovanetti (reveille_d) wrote,
Reveille D'Giovanetti

An experiment - A blog about being bi-polar

I'm trying an experiment, mostly for my benefit, but maybe for the benefit of anyone else dealing with mental issues. I've started a Tumblr blog for relating my experiences with being bipolar; the feelings, the thought distortions, the experiences, the ups and downs, and my perceptions of how it affects me and the people around me.

I don't really go into too much detail that often, because I don't want people to worry, I don't want people to get upset over it, and I don't want to bring people down. But it's time that I accepted that my friends want me to be well, as much as I want to be well.

Please note, this isn't a very nice blog. It's not particularly happy. You might need to stop reading. It's not supposed to be.

But it's stuff I think I need to say.
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